For our annual celebration of reading, our staff shared some of their favorite books as children. We hope you enjoy this list and are inspired to see where books can take you!!

Mrs. Best, Lower Elementary
Harry Potter Series
Honestly, I wasn’t a huge reader when I was younger and the Harry Potter books are the first I remember liking. I started reading the first one during a hard time in my life, so it was kind of my escape. I just thought they were so fascinating and they created a magical place in my mind. After this series, I loved reading!

Mrs. Boone, Primary 2
Pippi Longstocking
I loved that Pippi was completely unpredictable and never afraid to try or do anything, which was the opposite of me growing up. I thought it was pretty cool she lived with a monkey and a horse. She also had freckles like me.

Ms. Clamser, School Administrator
Little House on the Prairie
Laura’s writing was simple and mesmerizing. She described a life so foreign in many ways, but I ate it up over and over again. In her books, I visited small houses and towns in frontier forests and plains. Wisconsin, Kansas, South Dakota, Southern Missouri.

Mrs. Core, Primary 3
Brighty of the Grand Canyon
This was my favorite as a school aged girl. I read the book after a family vacation where we rode the donkeys down into the Grand Canyon.

Mrs. Fancher, Upper Elementary
Bridge to Terabithia
I read this in 5th grade and felt a connection to the main characters, an athletic tomboy and her best friend, a boy who lived on a farm and liked to draw. I loved how they used their imaginations and created a whole kingdom just for them. It “took me” to the forest kingdom of Terabithia in Virginia.

Ms. Hayes, Head of School
Gus and the Baby Ghost
I have so many favorite books! But, at the top of my list is Gus the Ghost. In this edition, Gus lives in the Historical Museum with Mr. Frizzle, Cora the cat, and Mouse the mouse. Then a baby ghost arrives and Mr. Frizzle is not happy! I read this book to my girls when they were little. My youngest daughter (4th grade) and I still read Gus together.

Ms. Krohn, Primary 2
The American Girl Books
The Addy series made me fall in love with reading and opened a whole new world for me. I have cherished memories taking turns reading the chapters with my older sister.

Ms. Patton, Lower Elementary
A Series of Unfortunate Events
I became hooked after my 6th grade teachers took our classes to see the Jim Carrey adaptation in theaters. I soon after started collecting the series in hardback and read them nonstop. I loved that the author constantly broke the 4th wall to communicate with the reader. I also liked the ongoing mystery of the 13-book series. It took me all over- the City, a reptile house, Lake Lachrymose, a mill, a prep school, and so many more places.

Mrs. Pendleton, Upper Elementary
Where the Red Fern Grows
My favorite teacher read it to us, and I loved how she got into anything she read. I loved dogs and Billy’s relationship with his pups…I really connected to that. I also thought it was cool that it was set around this area and I knew some of the places.

Mrs. Watts, Middle School
The American Girl Books
I read every single one and still have my collection. I loved getting to learn about life for a girl my age in a variety of different settings – historically and culturally.

Mrs. Yu, Primary 3
Anne of Green Gables
She is smart, brave and perseverant. I want to be her! Anne of Green Gables took me to Prince Edwards Island, Canada. It is beautiful.