There are a lot of very good reasons for choosing a Montessori education for your child. We asked our Upper Elementary and Middle School students to share their reasons – in their own words.


  • Montessori is a great school because it is more advanced and there are funny and nice teachers. Also, math is actually very fun. That’s why you should come to Ft. Smith Montessori School.
  • Montessori has physical objects which make it a lot easier to see the problem. You can actually move around in the classroom and the teachers are super nice.
  • The reason why you should send your kid to Ft. Smith Montessori is because they teach you really good work that’s hard, but [they] find a way to teach you in an easy way. Also they don’t give you any homework because we do schoolwork.
  • My mother probably chose this school because she wanted me to have the best education I can get. Another reason that I think she brought me here is so I can learn to fight my dyslexia and ADHD.
  • This school is a good place to go and has fun activities inside and outside. Also [you] get to meet new people, have new friends, and learn new things.
  • You should go to Ft. Smith Montessori. It lets your child learn at their own pace with hands on learning.
  • I think parents should pick Montessori because everyone is kind and you work at your own pace.
  • I think you should choose Montessori because you are not stuck to [your] desk.
  • I feel like Montessori has a great atmosphere for work. It is quiet, calm, and peaceful.
  • The reason you should come to Ft. Smith Montessori School is because it is a welcoming kind community. It’s very sweet and everyone gets along.
  • My favorite part of Fort Smith Montessori is: you can work at your own pace. (Seriously, I have been saying that for years!)
  • Montessori has a lot of good teachers. There is challenging work. The work is also fun. Every teacher I’ve had has been very kind.
  • In Montessori, there is freedom and [the] availability [of teachers] to make sure the way you do work is clear.
  • The trust the teachers put into the students is far surpassing that in public school. I feel I learn more and [work] more efficiently.
  • You can have confidence that you will be accepted and loved regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc., and you have freedom of choice in many different ways.
  • You should choose Montessori because it teaches the students discipline and responsibility. It teaches the students to rely on themselves, and not on others.
  • Dr. Montessori’s dream was that students could cooperate and work without an adult to keep them “in line.” Montessori schools teach responsibility, cooperation, independence, and individual work ethic, along with regular schooling and, in our society today, these are qualities that are extremely important.